Local Gambian food has quite a bit of variety and rice is a major staple, complimenting various stews. Some of the more popular Gambian foods include Benachin rice, Domoda Afra, Yassa, Plasas and Superkanja.

Even if you’ve heard these names before, you most likely are not aware of their recipes. Most tourists actually miss out on the local Gambian flavors due to a couple of reasons, the biggest being the unwillingness to risk eating unhygienic food and the lack of information about local dishes and recipes.

On Eat.gm we not only elaborate on local Gambian food but also connect you with Gambian families that can host you in their homes and cook Gambian food for you the way a home-cooked meal is.

If you are on the fence about trying Gambian food, you can start with Chicken Afra or Chicken Yassa, with the former being a form of grilled meat served with onions and the latter including marinated chicken fried and served with boiled rice.

Chicken Yassa Gambia
Chicken Yassa

Other really good Gambian dishes include Domoda, which is basically boiled rice served with a peanut butter sauce and meat, Superkanja, which is a stew made using lady fingers or Okra and Benachin rice, which is a local favorite among many, including spicey rice instead of plain boiled rice along with fish or chicken.

Benechin Rice Gambia
Benachin Rice

These are not all though, and there are several other dishes too, and fortunately for you, we can arrange food trips for you to try all of them.

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