Lebanese food is quite popular around the world and Gambia has a large presence of Lebanese expats. This means you’ll find plenty of Lebanese food places around the major areas of the country and tons of families that are welcoming and can host you for an amazing Lebanese lunch or dinner. If you haven’t tried Lebanese food before, you can start with salads like Fattoush and Tabbouleh. Gambia Lebanese Food Another very popular Lebanese food item is Hoummus, which is also a favorite of actress Natalie Portman. Made mainly with chickpeas, Hoummus is very healthy in moderation but you may want to get used to the flavor first. Similarly, the Lebanese do meat very well, and usually serve their food with thin bread and a delicious garlic paste. Lebanese Food in Gambia If you’re looking for an exotic flavor and something different while you’re visiting Gambia, Lebanese food is also a good option. Just click on the button below so we can arrange a complete Lebanese food experience for you in the Gambia.